Château d'Esclimont - Bleury Saint-Symphorien, Centre, 28700, France

Helicopter Ride

From take-off to landing, a private helicopter tour from Château d'Esclimont is the ultimate luxurious experience.

It is also possible to charter a helicopter to take you from Paris directly to the Château d'Esclimont and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

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Château d'Esclimont
Bleury Saint-Symphorien, Centre, 28700, France
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Château d'Esclimont

At the heart of a landmark 60-hectare park, the towers, balconies, turrets and belfries of the Château d'Esclimont may be found. This former dwelling of the La Rochefoucauld family is a jewel of the Renaissance and a romantic place to stay, less than one hour from Paris, between the Versailles Palace and Chartres Cathedral.